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Quick Service Information

Package choices : Four

Cleaning level       : Medium to Deep

Tasks                       : Fixed

Frequency              : Spring

                                       : As needed

Commercial Spring Clean Services

Also known as a periodical service or Deep clean, this service covers a detailed clean and sanitise for a range of office spaces, retail premises, medical centres and more.  

We have a task list that would suit most premises. Our qualified, trained shine team will complete all items, relevant to your premises.

We have a unique quality control system that comprises of before/after photos,

completed task list submitted with report going to client. 

APC Shine is 100% compliant and follows all government regulations including:

ASIC Registration

ABN & GST Registered

Labour Hire Licence

Liability Insurance

Work Safe

Covid Safe Plan

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Real Reviews, Real People

Jake and his team are energetic, vibrant and so happy, what a pleasure.


Thanks guys!

Chrissy from Channel 31

Packages and Prices

Choose the service time window

Choose package size according to the recommendations. 

For commercial jobs that require more time, staffing or have a larger area to clean, please contact us so we can chat about your commercial cleaning requirements . 

Check the Commercial Cleaning Services page for further information on the service

Click on the button to book and reserve a time for your service.