APC Shine Cleaning Services Spring Clean

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Package choices : Four

Cleaning level       : Medium

Tasks                       : Fixed

Frequency              : Spring

                                       : As needed

Spring Clean Services

A Spring clean is the perfect way to bring the fresh feeling back into your home! 

Booked for homes that have not had a decent go over for a few months or you need someone to clean those hard to get at areas.  This is a medium clean that covers many tasks you don't usually do in your day to day cleaning. Things like skirting boards, mirrors, door handles, walls & more.

With more time than home clean services, a complete list of tasks and two options, your home will be like new again. With the Pet option our team will bring a special vacuum add-on to remove pet hair from carpets and furniture, a chemical to sanitise those little pet accidents and a product to remove odors.


If you are considering our regular home clean then a Spring clean is a good service to book first, allowing our team to perform a big clean up getting into all the nooks and crannies, ready to keep it clean on the following fortnightly or weekly visits. 

*Spring cleans are not acceptable for bond cleans

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Real Reviews, Real People

Great value for money, very friendly.

Would definitely recommend services to everyone. Merna left our house clean and sparkling. Jake’s been fantastic support of assistance with rescheduling and information.


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