APC Vacate Bond Clean Service-Bronze pac

Quick Service Information

Package choices : Four

Cleaning level       : Deep

Tasks                       : Fixed

Frequency              : Ending a lease

                                       : As needed

Vacate Bond Clean Services

We know not all vacate cleans are the same. That's why we have four packages to choose from. Each one designed to suit, needs, sizes and levels of cleaning. 


Not all vacate cleans require carpets steam cleaned or windows professionally done, however most vacate cleans will require a minimum standard, to leave the premises in a reasonably clean state and get your bond back. 


Our Bronze, the budget pack, covers more than 30 tasks, ideal for small places. 

Silver includes a professional window clean, plus filters and outdoor areas. 

Our most popular is Gold package with more than 40 detailed tasks and includes professional carpet steam cleaning. 

For the best of the best, our premium is Platinum complete with windows, steam cleaning and over 50 tasks that includes filters, wall marks and a full oven clean. 

Whichever you choose you get a bond guarantee, full report and the APC Shine!

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Real Reviews, Real People

Very punctual. Very reliable. Very professional. The whole process was effortless. The "vacate clean" left the house spotless. I would recommend them for a professional clean to the highest quality. 


Packages and Prices

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