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Quick Service Information

Package choices : Four

Cleaning level       : Deep

Tasks                       : Fixed

Frequency              : One off service

                                       : When needed

Window Cleaning Services

When your windows shine and let the sun through, with crystal clear glass, the feeling is something special. And if you have spent time and money cleaning your home, why would you want dirty, grimy windows?

The next time you want your windows to sparkle, simply choose the amount of windows you want and book. APC Shine will scrub, clan and wipe away every streak. Using applicator and squeegee for the main clean after rinsing and scraping off any small pieces of debris. 

Getting into the outside and inside frames, cleaning away dirt and grime.

Polishing window sills and vacuuming fly screens. 

Then polishing window panes both outside and inside. 

Our team of experts will try to get to every window, provided they are accessible and at an approved safety height.

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Very attentive

and professional team.

The windows of our rental unit

all shine now.

Recommend for your cleaning needs.


Packages and Prices

Click on the Stand alone service or Add on service button first, then choose the package. 

Check the Domestic Cleaning Services page for further information on the service

Price will change according to service and package chosen.


Click on the button to book and reserve a time for your service.