Your Questions, Our Answers

Do I have to be home while cleaning is happening?

Not at all. Our team are police checked and you can relax while we make your home shine. Just be present for the beginning and end of your booking.

Can my pets stay inside while cleaning?

Yes, however we do just ask that you keep them in a separate room so they do not become frightened of our equipment, noises or movements. We also don't want your pets ingesting any chemicals. This also ensures duty of care for our cleaning team.

What about my children, will they be ok?

Our team are ok with children and having working with children checks, however, due to using electrical equipment and chemicals we advise you to ensure children are kept in a seperate area of the home. We will ensure living ereas or bedrooms are completed first to give you a space to relax while we clean.

Do I need to prepare anything before the booking?

Please read the information sheet

How many cleaners will there be?

Spring cleans come with 1 level 2 cleaner and 1 level 1 cleaner Home cleaning comes with 1 level 2 cleaner Vacate cleans come with 1 level 2 cleaner and 2 level 1 cleaners

What happens if I am not happy with the service?

Our Shine team will show you a complete task lust before they start and again when the job is done. You tick the boxes on each task, if you believe the task has not been completed then our cleaners will finish before they leave. If you are not saisfied once our team leave, then please contact the customer service team and they will follow up your concerns.

When will I receive my cleaners contact details?

Our service is different to hiring a cleaner. APC is responsible for your home and our team. We employ our staff and do not use sub-contractors so all correspndents go through our customer service team. In your confirmation email you will receive information on who your team is. All our staff carry an official APC ID. Any communication in regards to your booking is via our office on 04 SHINE 066 or

Do I need to have any cleaning products and equipment?

Not at all. We are unlike cleaning hire services, we are a complete package. Our shine team will turn up with everything they need to make your home sparkle. They will just need access to electricity and water.

Are your staff covered by insurance?

Yes through the company. APC has public liability just in case. Although we do take care when cleaning, if there is the accidental breakage, then rest assured we will look after it.

How can I be sure your staff know what they are doing?

Our Shine team are personally trained by Atken, who has over 15 years experience in the business. They also complete training modules online, in our class room and on the job. Our cleaners receive certificates when they finish modules. Plus they are also trained in Customer service and OH&S. Feel free to view thier certificates and awards in thier bios.

Can we help with preperation for an oven clean?

Yes please! Especially if you book a vacate clean. To help us utilise our time to clean other important areas, pre-spraying your oven with oven cleaner, up to 12 hours before the clean, can reduce time, allowing our cleaners to focus on other areas. We recommend using easy off bam.

What are you doing as precaution measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

Hi everyone, we have implemented two very important documents to help with minimising the risk of transmission of the coronavirus. 1: Coronavirus: prevention and control procedures This doument outlines the procudres our employees must follow, at all times, when performing a cleaning service. 2: Coronavirus: client policy This document outlines the policies in which our clients must follow to minimise the risks. Both documents can be downloaded on this page. Please read before you make a decision on using our services. Please know we are working hard to ensure the safety of our clients and employees.

What product do you use to sanitise?

The product we use is called "Refresh lemon" and is supplied by Witters. This is classed as Space and surface Deodorant/cleaner/sanitizer. This product is used to sanitise surfaces after our team has cleaned them. This product is in our bottles under "Sanitise shine disinfectant" You can find the complete MDA sheet here

Can I view the MDA sheets for the chemicals you use?

Yes of ocurse you can! Here is a list of the cleaning products we use which are manufactured in Australia and all registered with the TGA 1: Mrs Nice Window Shine ( Miranac window cleaner) Mrs shine window cleaner 2: Mr Expert Loo Clean & Shine ( Clenzac) Mr Expert loo clean & shine 3: Miss Immaculate All-Purpose Shine ( Supreme clean) Miss Immaculate all-purpose shine 4: Mr Hygienic Sanitise & Shine ( Refresh Lemon) Mr Hygienic sanitise & shine 5: Miss Shine Country Fresh (Comming soon) 6: Carpet Gum Remover ( Solvent spotter) 7: Carpet Spotter ( Agar) 8: Champ Oven Cleaner ( Champ)

Terms & conditions of service

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Privacy policy

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Bond guarantee

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Do you have a valid liability insurance cover?

Yes we certianly do Our cover is with Allianze Certificate of currency is below Certificate of currency