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Groupon Service Request

How to request your Groupon service
Please read the information contained on this page before you proceed with your booking request.
If you need any help please call 04 SHINE 066 (0474 463 066) during business hours or send an email to orders@apcshine.com

You have purchased an APC Shine spring clean package from Groupon. This package is suited for a home that has not been cleaned, for over a month. It is a deeper clean than regular, but is not a Vacate or bond clean. Please ensure you have not purchased the Groupon package for use in a Vacate clean, Bond clean or any type of commercial service.

We are unable to honor the Groupon voucher for any other service other than the Groupon clean as per the list below. Please also check the level of cleaning your home requires by visiting our APC Shine Scale If your home falls into the Red or Purple scale, then our shine cleaners will be unable to perform your service. 

The Groupon spring clean follows the task list below. No other tasks will be added unless they have been pre-purchased and paid for. 

  • Check the home size information to see if you need to add extra rooms

  • If your home is double story then you will need to add the multi level fee

  • Check the service area, if you are outside of the map then there will be a service fee

  • Complete the request form and make sure you answer all questions

  • Our customer care team will process your request during business hours

  • If you require extra services, these will be billed and need to be paid prior to the service date

Once you have read the information, please complete the booking request form below
Home Size Information
An average home size is a single story, 20 sq or 185 sqm consisting of:
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Lounge
  • Living room
  • Hallway
  • Single toilet
Possible extra rooms:
  • Extra bedrooms 
  • Extra bathrooms
  • Study
  • Toy room
  • Rumpus room
  • TV room
  • Kitchenette
  • Home office
Service fees:
Extra rooms: $30.00/room
Multi story: $25.00
Purchased Package
Please note: the following items form part of the terms and conditions of booking a Groupon cleaning service. If you complete the service request form and have been found in breach of these, then APC will terminate your service and no refund will be issued.
  • The correct size package must be booked and paid for. Full disclosure of how many bedrooms and bathrooms your home has, must be communicated to APC Shine.
  • Due to the packages being based on square footage, you must have the correct package & add-ons purchased, regardless of how many rooms are being serviced.
  • The Groupon clean is not a vacant, bond or commercial clean. If you have purchased this coupon to use as one of these, then your service will be refused and no refund will be issued.
Service Areas
Please check if your area is covered within the package. 
If not then please call or email us first to see if we can organise an extra service to your area. 
Service fees outside of our service area:
Up to 20 kms: $24.99
Up to 35 kms: $34.99
Up to 50 kms: $44.99
Tasks to be completed

All rooms: 

  • Clean & polish mirrors

  • Deodarise

  • Dust accessible surfaces

  • Dust skirting boards

  • Dust & wipe doors, frames & handles

  • Dust & wipe window sills

  • Empty garbage bins & replace liners

  • Remove internal cobwebs

  • Vacuum &/or mop floors

  • Clean accessible switches & power points


  • Clean & polish sink & taps

  • Clean & sanitise accessible surfaces

  • Clean hotplate

  • Clean oven exterior

  • Clean rangehood exterior

  • Clean splashbacks

  • Clean cabinet & pantry exteriors

  • Wipe kitchen appliances


  • Clean & polish sink & taps

  • Clean & sanitise accessible surfaces

  • Clean cabinet & drawer exteriors

  • Clean splashbacks

  • Dust & wipe external appliances


  • Clean & sanitise accessible surfaces

  • Clean & sanitise toilets


  • Clean & polish sink & taps

  • Clean & sanitise accessible surfaces

  • Clean & sanitise toilets*

  • Clean bath & shower*

  • Clean shower screens*

  • Clean splashbacks

  • Spot clean mirrors


  • Dust & wipe exterior cupboards

  • Clean mirror doors

  • Dust picture frames & un breakable items