Steam Clean Package

Steam Clean Package

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APC Shine - Steam clean package


Want to feel the cleanliness at your feet and under your tush, then book a steam clean package today!


Weather it's an add on to a spring clean package or purchased as a stand alone service, the steam clean package is perfect for really showing your home some clean love. 


Our package is a one cost for professionally steam cleaned carpet and furniture.


Our one cost is suitable for most average home sizes.


Please see further information in the tabs


Alternatively call us on 04 SHINE 066 (0474 463 066) and talk to our Customer care team and we can discuss your needs plus take bookings over the phone

  • Time allowance

    Please see table below for average time needed to clean the amount of rooms/items chosen

    Time can vary depending on factors like stains, room size, type of carpet, etc.

    Items Time
    3 2 hours
    4 2.5 hours
    5 3 hours
    6 3.5 hours

    Price stays the same regardless of time taken

  • Service terms and conditions

    The APC steam clean package is a pre packaged service to suit most homes:

    • Price is per amount of items chosen

    • You can opt to pay via the online shop and pre-purchase at anytime

    • To book, visit the booking request page located under the shop menu

    • Online shop accepts credit card, eftpos card, bank deposit and paypal

    • For full service terms and conditions please click here

  • Home size

    Our packages are based on an average Austrlian home size and time allocation will allow the amount chosen to be completed.

    If we deem the rooms/items are larger than average, then we may need extra time to complete the package.

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