The Shine Team

It is not easy to be a member of the shine team. We accept only the best in the industry.

Our recruitment follows a strict procedure to find the right employees. From finding the uniqueness in people, looking for customer services attributes and a passion for quality. 


If someone is lucky enough to fit our culture then the training begins. 

Because we do not use sub contractors, we are able to train our team to clean the APC way. 

Employing our team and paying them award rates with all compliant extras gives our team an extra incentive to see APC Shine and grow. As we grow our team reaps the rewards with bonuses, more training and growth opportunities.

For this very reason, we have a strict process on choosing who will become a ine cleaner. The traits we look for are:

Happy helpful personality

Great English communication

Strong work ethics

Able to follow instructions and complete tasks

Always thinking of safe work practices

You will always know who is goin to attend to your service and where possible, we try to give you the same cleaner.

We knowwho is goingto cleanm your prmeises and so do you. There are no surprises. No sub contractors who are filling in or dont have training. Only real cleaners with customer service, certificates and the APC Shine seal of approval!

Shine - Hygiene - Immaculate - Nice - Expert




Want to join the Shine team?

Want to join the Shine team?

Want to join the Shine team?

Want to join the Shine team?

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Ariel Stone

Google/Video recommendation

I absolutely love APC Shine.

I use their monthly service and they do a lovely job.

I love how much effort they put into making customers feel valued. Would highly recommend!

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