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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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A P C  S h i n e

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Say hello to our shine team

It is not easy to be a member of the shine team. We accept only the best in the industry. We have a strict procedure to find the right employees that fit into the APC culture. Throughout our teams career, we continue to train and support each of them to be the best they possibly can. 

We want you to get to know our shine team

One of the big differences with APC and many other cleaning companies is we do not use sub-contractors, our shine team our directly employed by us, trained by us, work with us and are as much a part of APC as the owner is. 

There can be many issues with cleaning businesses that do not directly employ staff and use sub-contractors they do not know. All you have to do is do a google search and read reviews of these staff not speaking English, turning up late, over charging, not knowing how to perform their job and many other issues. This will not happen with APC as our team are us.

The best way to know who will be cleaning your home is to meet our team.

Buy clicking on their picture you get to read about each one of our Shine team members, view training certificates, check out their awards and find out what they look like!

At APC we are very particular when it comes to recruiting for our Shine team. It takes a special person for us to train as one of the best cleaners around and that because we invest a lot into our team.

All of our staff receive:

  • Award wages

  • Superannuation

  • Full online certificates

  • Complete in-house training schedule

  • On site training

  • APC family support