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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleans are a perfect way to bring your home back to life!

Our spring clean packages make it easy to give your place a good shine up and show love to your premises. 

With a complete list of tasks that cover everything from skirting boards to light switches, window sills and mirrors, plus vents and door handles, our team will check the places where grime and dust has built up.

As with all our services, their is no need to wait for a quote or spend time putting together add-ons. Simply check your home size by number of bedrooms and bathrooms, there is your price, click the button and book.

And with our quality control systems in place, you can be assured of satisfaction and a home that shine!

Follow our 6 steps to book your service or call us on 04 SHINE 066

Step 1

Check the grid below to see tasks included. Tick = yes, Cross = no, Circle = if accessible

To view the process, click more.

Step 4

Choose the date you would like to request. Then choose the start time you prefer. Only available dates/times will show. Click on the "next" button.

Step 2

Scroll down to the price table. Check for your home size by number of rooms and level. Click on the price button to book.

Step 5

Complete the service request form by answering all relevant questions, including the premises address. Please read our terms & conditions. 

Step 3

Read the information on the next page, including the cancellation Ts & Cs then click the "request your service now" button. 

Step 6

Click on the "request your service" button and our shine care team will start to process your booking. You will be contacted to arrange a video tour & confirm your request.

Our shine quality control steps

  1. We will arrange a video tour of the premises, when confirming the booking, to check you have the right package. 

  2. On the day of the service, we will take before photos.

  3. Upon service completion, we will take after photos to compare.

  4. Our team will complete a detailed task list that will be sent electronically to you and our supervisor.

  5. Our shine care team will follow up to confirm you are happy with our work.

  6. Our team will return if any tasks were not cleaned to standard.*

Safety information

Our team are trained to complete the work following OH&S protocols. We are unable to clean any items or areas that a deemed unsafe. This can include:

  • Switches & lights with broken holders/wires

  • Clean up bio hazard/human/pet waste

  • Clean glass that is broken or cracked

  • Cleaning at a height that requires our team to use a step ladder

  • Move objects or furniture over 6kgs

Tasks excluded from packages

  • Grout cleaning

  • Mold cleaning

  • Oven/fridge/cupboard Internal

  • Filters

  • Rubbish removal

  • Cleaning of ceilings

  • Clean up bio hazard materials

  • Clean areas with human/pet feces

  • Windows

Items we are unable to guarantee

The following items & areas will be cleaned using our expert knowledge & materials, however, we are unable to guarantee how they will clean up:

  • Discoloration of plastics, toilet seats, bathtubs, showers, air con units, etc.

  • Mold that is embedded in grout

  • Wall marks created by damp spots

  • Grease on ovens, hotplate, rangehood

  • Thick caked on soap scum

  • Obvious grime, dirt that is of high level

Hoarding concerns

Hoarding is when there are piles of items that will prevent us from cleaning.

  • Our role does not include picking up and putting away items. 

  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure all surfaces/areas to be cleaned are free from items.

  • Any homes deemed to be hoarding, will not be cleaned. 

General information

  • Spring cleans are not suitable for a vacate/bond clean.

  • Spring cleans are packaged and changes will not be made.

  • We do perform a detailed clean, however, some areas may be deemed to dirty to clan and may require a deeper service. This will be noted prior to beginning the service. 

  • To make use of the time allocated, please help us by preparing your home.

Important information

  • Terms & conditions of service

  • Privacy policy

  • Coronavirus policy

  • Quality control policy

  • Return to clean policy

  • Request service & booking policy

  • Shine care team policy

  • Satisfaction policy

  • Hoarding policy

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