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Vacate/Bond Clean


We know not all vacate cleans are the same. That's why we have four different packages to choose from. With each package designed to suit, different needs, home sizes and levels of cleaning.

Not all vacate cleans need carpets steamed clean, apartments may not require windows, however most vacate cleans will require a minimum standard, to leave the premises in a reasonably clean state. 

Our cleans also come with proof of everything completed via our extensive quality control measures that include:

a task list, which you can view below

before and after photos taken

video tour before we start to confirm the level of cleaning

full support from our shine care team (before, during and after)

Follow our 6 steps to book your service or call us on 04 SHINE 066

Step 1

Check the task list grid to see which package will be suited for your end of lease service. 

To view the cleaning process and any t&cs, click on the more button.

Step 4

Choose the date you would like to request. Then choose the start time you prefer. Only available dates/times will show. Click on the "next" button.

Step 2

Scroll down to the price table. Check you have the correct vacate bond clean package. Click on the price button. Be sure to choose single or multi story.

Step 5

Complete the service request form by answering all relevant questions, including the premises address. Please read our terms & conditions. 

Step 3

Read the information on the bookings page, including the cancellation Terms & Conditions then click the "request your service now" button. 

Step 6

Click on the "request your service" button and our shine care team will start to process your booking. You will be contacted to arrange a video tour & confirm your request.

Our shine quality control steps

  1. We will arrange a video tour of the premises, when confirming the booking, to check you have the right package. 

  2. On the day of the service, we will take before photos.

  3. Upon service completion, we will take after photos to compare.

  4. Our team will complete a detailed task list that will be sent electronically to you and your landlord (if you desire)

  5. Our shine care team will follow up to confirm you and the landlord are happy with our work.

  6. Our team will return if any tasks were not cleaned to standard.*

Tasks excluded from packages

Our team are trained to complete the work following OH&S protocols. We are unable to clean any items or areas that a deemed unsafe. This can include:

  • Switches & lights with broken holders/wires

  • Clean up bio hazard/human/pet waste

  • Clean glass that is broken or cracked

  • Cleaning at a height that requires our team to use a step ladder

  • Move objects or furniture over 6kgs

Safety information

  • Grout cleaning

  • Mold on silicon

  • Pressure washing

  • Blinds & curtains

  • Rubbish removal

  • Cleaning of ceilings

  • Clean up bio hazard materials

  • Clean areas with human/pet feces

  • Grease on garage floors

Items we are unable to guarantee

The following items & areas will be cleaned using our expert knowledge & materials, however, we are unable to guarantee how they will clean up:

  • Discoloration of plastics, toilet seats, bathtubs, showers, air con units, etc.

  • Mold that is embedded in grout

  • Wall marks created by damp spots

  • Ovens with baked on grease unless you purchase the Platinum package

  • Thick caked on soap scum

After completion concerns

We take after images that are proof of the completed job. If your inspection is performed a few days after the clean, it is possible there may be a build up of the following: 

  • Dead insects

  • Dust that has settled

  • Rubbish from new residents

  • Trades men performing repairs 

Weather concerns

  • We will complete all tasks, as per the package, however, outside areas and windows may become affected by weather, prior to the inspection

  • Please be aware if the weather has caused outside areas to become soiled, after we have cleaned, we are unable to come back and re-do the job

  • Weather may also prevent us from performing any outdoor cleaning. If this happens, we will return the next day

Important information

  • Terms & conditions of service

  • Bond guarantee

  • Privacy policy

  • Coronavirus policy

  • Quality control policy

  • Return to clean policy

  • Request service & booking policy

  • Shine care team policy

  • Changes to packages policy

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